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Friday, 2 December 1983
Page: 3209

Senator GARETH EVANS (Attorney-General)(10.04) —I am not sure that I have fully mastered the complexities of this in the 20 seconds Senator Missen has been talking, but as I understand it proposed new section 113B deals with hospitals that in the ordinary course of events are polling places under the present regime. There is now provision for there to be mobile booths as part of the voting system within those hospitals to the extent that that has not been the case already. Proposed new section 113C is to deal with the situations of those hospitals which hitherto have not been routinely established as polling places and to make provision for their getting the special facility of mobile booths, with the option of the five-day period and so on that goes with it. So the smaller nursing homes and so on that until now have not had the facility of a full scale polling booth being established there will be able to share in the convenience of the mobile booth system. Does that answer the honourable senator' s question?

Senator Missen —Yes.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 90 (Errors not to forfeit vote).