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Thursday, 1 December 1983
Page: 3151

Senator HARRADINE(5.21) — Mr Chairman, I am opposed to sub-clause (c) and sub-clause (d) of clause 55. Obviously they increase the amount for nomination from $250 to $500 in the case of a Senate candidate and from $100 to $250 in the case of a House of Representatives candidate. I think some of the problem that has been envisaged will have been overcome by other provisions in this legislation. Though I am not in support of the list system of voting, I think the list system will substantially reduce the number of candidates nominating for the sake of nominating, or being nominated deliberately to create a problem on the ballot paper. It has been suggested that this measure is in some way to deal with the frivolous person. I suppose if I were to renominate in 1989 that might be taken by some to be frivolous. But I would not see it as frivolous and $500 is a fair whack so far as an individual is concerned.

Senator Gareth Evans —It won't be in 1989.

Senator HARRADINE —I almost feel like sitting down after that comment. I am quite serious about this. It is a problem, particularly when a candidate is trying to gear up for an election and needs the $500 at that time. People tend to look at independents and want the money first, before they print material, for example, or at least if they do not want the money first they want some sort of understanding that it will come forward. I suppose the major political parties are not in that position. I simply mention the matter-although as Senator Gareth Evans has said, maybe $500 in 1989 will not be a problem-because I think it should be raised in this debate.