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Wednesday, 30 November 1983
Page: 3011

Senator RYAN —On 12 October 1983 I answered a question without notice by Senator Mason on the subject of wind energy. Senator Mason sought supplementary information which has now been provided by the Minister for Science and Technology. I seek leave to incorporate the supplementary information in Hansard .

Leave granted.

The document read as follows-

Megawatt scale wind generators are being developed in the US, Canada, UK, Denmark, Germany and Sweden and have reached the demonstration stage in some of these countries. In Australia there has been no research as yet on megawatt scale generators, but the Australian Government has not abandoned wind energy research. It is funding a modest program of wind energy research under the National Energy Research, Development and Demonstration (NERD&D) Program, which supplements investigations by State Governments aimed at evaluating the prospects for wind power. My colleague the Minister for Resources and Energy has advised that under the NERD&D Program a total of $428,000 has been committed to wind energy research since 1978. Areas of research supported have included site specific wind resource assessments, wind generator technology, the feasibility of integrating wind generators into State electricity grids, and performance monitoring of wind systems for homestead power.

I also refer honourable Senators to Senator Walsh's reply in the Senate on 14 September 1983 to a question from Senator Coates concerning wind energy in Tasmania (Hansard, page 660).