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Monday, 7 November 2016
Page: 2019

Senator CULLETON (Western Australia) (17:26): Yes, I do.

The PRESIDENT: You have already spoken once before, so my understanding is that you may wish to move an amendment. You will need to seek leave of the chamber to do so.

Senator CULLETON: I seek leave to move an amendment to the motion.

The PRESIDENT: Senator Culleton, just to assist the chamber—there is some confusion; there has been no advance notice—would you like to briefly explain the nature of your amendment and I will ask about leave again?

Senator CULLETON: The amendment would be to move a motion to defer and adjourn the Senate until all evidence is tabled in front of the Senate, including the response from the High Court to my question to the Senate chamber, which Senator Brandis spoke to me about on Saturday, 29 October 2016, that further documents are tabled and, in a sense, to ask members of this chamber, in the interests of natural justice, that evidence of writs and affidavits are put before the Senate in order to go forward and refer it to the High Court.

The PRESIDENT: Thank you. To summarise that, Senator Culleton, in effect you want to adjourn the debate until such time as the documents you referred to are tabled. We have a copy of your amendment to the motion now. You are seeking to adjourn the Senate. That is the essence of the amendment.

Leave not granted.

The PRESIDENT: The question now is that the motion moved by Senator Brandis, to refer a matter to the Court of Disputed Returns, be agreed to.

Question agreed to.