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Monday, 9 November 2015
Page: 8020

The Senate divided. [18:14]

(The Acting Deputy President—Senator Back)

DIVISION:AYES 35 (24 majority) NOES 11 PAIRS 0
Abetz, EBack, CJ
Bernardi, CBilyk, CL
Brown, CLBullock, JW
Bushby, DCCanavan, MJ
Dastyari, SDay, RJ
Edwards, SFawcett, DJ (teller)
Gallacher, AMGallagher, KR
Ketter, CRLeyonhjelm, DE
Lindgren, JMLines, S
Ludwig, JWMacdonald, ID
McAllister, JMcGrath, J
McKenzie, BMoore, CM
Muir, RO'Neill, DM
Peris, NPolley, H
Reynolds, LRonaldson, M
Ruston, ASterle, G
Wang, ZWilliams, JR
Wong, P
Di Natale, RHanson-Young, SC
Lambie, JMadigan, JJ
McKim, NJRhiannon, L
Rice, JSiewert, R (teller)
Simms, RAWaters, LJ
Whish-Wilson, PS

Question agreed to.

Bills read a third time.