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Tuesday, 27 November 2018
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The following notices were given:

Mr Tehan: To present a Bill for an Act to amend laws relating to certain areas and boundaries in the Timor Sea, and for related purposes. (Timor Sea Maritime Boundaries Treaty Consequential Amendments Bill 2018)

Mr Porter: To present a Bill for an Act to amend the law in relation to foreign influence transparency, and for related purposes. (Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Legislation Amendment Bill 2018)

Mr Porter: To present a Bill for an Act to amend the Australian Citizenship Act 2007, and for related purposes. (Australian Citizenship Amendment (Strengthening the Citizenship Loss Provisions) Bill 2018)

Mr Littleproud: To present a Bill for an Act to establish the Future Drought Fund, and for other purposes. (Future Drought Fund Bill 2018)

Mr Littleproud: To present a Bill for an Act to deal with consequential matters arising from the enactment of the Future Drought Fund Act 2018, and for other purposes. (Future Drought Fund (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2018)

Mr Hunt to move:

That in accordance with section 10B of the Health Insurance Act 1973, the House approve the Health Insurance (Extended Medicare Safety Net) Determination 2019 made on 17 October and presented to the House on 26 November.

Ms Claydon to move:

That this House:

(1) acknowledges that:

(a) 90 per cent of the brain develops before the age of five;

(b) nearly one in four Australian children—22 per cent—start school without the foundational skills to be successful learners; and

(c) those children who are missing out on early education are children from disadvantaged backgrounds and are the ones who would benefit most from a preschool program;

(2) agrees that:

(a) according to the Lifting our Game report prepared by early education experts for state and territory education ministers, two years of preschool is a key recommendation to achieving educational excellence in Australia; and

(b) age appropriate early learning programs have been proven to have a positive impact on children's outcomes through school;

(3) notes that:

(a) the Government has left parents and providers in limbo with its refusal to provide funding certainty;

(b) without ongoing funding to four year old preschool/kindy, providers are unable to plan ahead;

(c) since Labor introduced Universal Access to Early Childhood Education in 2008, preschool enrolment for four year olds has increased from 77 per cent to 93 per cent; and

(d) the Government's lack of commitment has left us falling behind other OECD countries in early education; and

(4) calls on the Government to properly fund four year old preschool/kindy and follow Labor's commitment to provide ongoing funding to four year olds and extend this to three year olds.

Mr Bandt to move:

That this House:

(1) notes that on Friday 30 November 2018, students from the movement School Strike 4 Climate Action will hold a national school strike calling for emergency action on climate change;

(2) commends the students for their strike action; and

(3) calls on the Government to listen to the students and take immediate action to prohibit coal mining in the Galilee Basin.

Mr Shorten: To present a Bill for an Act to amend the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 to remove discrimination against students. (Sex Discrimination Amendment (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill 2018 [No. 2])

Mr Giles to move:

That this House:

(1) pays tribute to the work done on loneliness in the United Kingdom in memory of Mrs Jo Cox;

(2) acknowledges that:

(a) the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission's inquiry into loneliness has succeeded due to bipartisan support, including the appointment of a responsible minister; and

(b) there is a similar problem in Australia, but it is less well understood than it should be, particularly having regard to its impacts on younger Australians and the influence of social media; and

(c) the problem of loneliness is under recognised, despite its acknowledged and significant negative impacts on individuals and society;

(3) notes the work of Australian academics and civil society in this area; and

(4) calls for a national response in Australia, to better understand the scope of the challenge and to inform and support an evidence based policy response.

Mr Bandt: To present a Bill for an Act to prohibit Commonwealth support for coal-fired power stations, and for related purposes. (Coal-Fired Power Funding Prohibition Bill 2018)

Ms McGowan: To present a Bill for an Act to enhance the integrity of the Parliament of Australia, and for related purposes. (National Integrity (Parliamentary Standards) Bill 2018)

Ms McGowan to move:

That this House:

(1) notes that:

(a) 7 February 2019 will be the 10th anniversary of the bushfires that devastated parts of Victoria;

(b) the fires were the most devastating in Australian history, killing 173 people, burning more than 450,000 hectares of land and destroying more than 2,000 houses;

(c) in the 10 years since those devastating fires and the horrific weather conditions that preceded them, communities in the electoral division of Indi have worked hard to rebuild homes, businesses, communities and lives;

(d) in the immediate aftermath of the fires, these communities were inundated with generous offers of help, including the commitment of governments at all levels to work with those affected to rebuild;

(e) as a result, much has been done to rebuild communities, to provide support to help heal the devastating emotional loss and progress the recovery of those many thousands of people affected by these fires;

(f) while much has been achieved, it is time to finish the task of rebuilding core infrastructure and restore the sense of place and vibrancy within communities that were destroyed almost 10 years ago; and

(g) the 10 year anniversary of the 2009 fires presents an opportunity to bring together bipartisan support from all levels of government to announce and complete this rebuild; and

(2) calls on the Government to:

(a) pay tribute to the strength, courage and resilience of those who survived the fires on 7 February 2009;

(b) continue to provide support to individuals and communities who lost so much;

(c) honour those who lost their lives in these fires;

(d) acknowledge the wonderful work of the frontline emergency services personnel and volunteers, the community agencies, governments at all levels and individuals involved in assisting local communities to rebuild in the past 10 years; and

(e) honour a commitment to work with those communities devastated by the 2009 bushfires to complete the task of rebuilding core infrastructure and restore their heart and soul.

Mr T. R. Wilson to move:

That this House:

(1) recognises that 9 December 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide;

(2) acknowledges the important role played by Australia, in particular Australia's then President of the United Nations General Assembly, Dr Herbert Vere 'Doc' Evatt, in the successful adoption of the United Nations Genocide Convention;

(3) further acknowledges Australia's leadership as being one of the first countries to ratify the United Nations Genocide Convention in 1949, and its continued commitment to the eradication of the crime through its inclusion of the United Nations definition of Genocide in the Criminal Code Act 1995;

(4) honours the primary initiator and author of the United Nations Genocide Convention, Dr Raphael Lemkin, a lawyer of Polish-Jewish descent, who coined the word 'genocide', informed by his study of the systematic extermination of the Armenians during World War I and the Jews during World War II; and

(5) acknowledges the need for eternal vigilance of all countries, including Australia, to act to acknowledge past genocides as essential to stopping future genocides.

Mr Wallace to move:

That this House notes:

(1) that the Prime Minister and the Minister for Veterans' Affairs launched the Prime Minister's Veterans Employment Commitment (VEC) on 2 November 2018;

(2) that the VEC is a way for businesses to pledge their support for veterans' employment and provides veterans with a way to easily identify those businesses that recognise the skills, experiences and capabilities they bring to civilian workplaces;

(3) that hiring veterans is good for business and encourages all Australian businesses to sign the VEC and hire a veteran;

(4) that the second annual Prime Minister's Veterans' Employment Awards will be held in March 2019;

(5) the awards recognise:

(a) businesses of all types and sizes that employ and support veterans and spouses of current serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members; and

(b) the significant achievements being made by veterans in the workplace along with those who have built on their ADF experience to start up or take on a successful business; and

(6) the ongoing efforts of the Government to improve the support and services available to the men and women transitioning out of the ADF.

Mr Gee to move:

That this House:

(1) recognises the commitment of the Government in support of our farming communities through all forms of hardship, including drought;

(2) notes the continued resilience of our farmers in drought affected areas, and acknowledges the challenges they are continuing to face;

(3) welcomes the record level of funding committed by the Government to provide immediate and ongoing support to our Australian farmers, their families and their communities; and

(4) commends the significant investment by the Government in announcing the $3.9 billion Future Drought Fund, which will grow to $5 billion by 2029, to provide a new and sustainable source of funding to enable farming communities to better prepare for, manage through and recover from drought into the future.

Mr Wilkie: To present a Bill for an Act to restrict the export of live animals for slaughter pending its prohibition, and for related purposes. (Live Animal Export Prohibition (Ending Cruelty) Bill 2018)

Mr Leeser to move:

That this House:

(1) notes with great sadness the passing of the former President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBD), Jeremy Spinak;

(2) acknowledges with gratitude the work of organisations such as the NSW JBD; and

(3) recognises the outstanding contribution the Jewish community has made to Australia.

Ms Sharkie to move:

That this House:

(1) notes that:

(a) craft distillers:

(i) make an increasingly important contribution to the Australian economy; and

(ii) are a significant tourism attraction and have a significant multiplier effect on the wider economy, particularly in rural and regional areas;

(b) the excise regime faced by craft distillers is excessively complex, burdensome, and is a major obstacle for smaller operators;

(c) the timing of excise payments can have a negative effect upon cashflow for start-up craft distillers; and

(d) the levying of excise payments on tastings and samples is limiting opportunities for tourism, export, and growth; and

(2) calls on the Government to:

(a) take steps to reduce the tax complexity and barriers to growth faced by craft distillers;

(b) assess the effect that the timing of excise payments has on cash flow for smaller businesses and the resultant influence this has on growth;

(c) target the excise refund scheme more effectively towards craft distillers; and

(d) consider the removal of excise payments on samples and tastings.

Mr Ted O'Brien to move:

That this House:

(1) recognises that:

(a) many Queensland families are struggling with cost of living pressures and many small businesses are being crippled by the cost doing business;

(b) the primary responsibility for lowering power prices for Queensland families and small businesses lies with the Queensland Government; and

(c) the Queensland Government is ripping off everyday Queenslanders through a sophisticated scam that funnels billions of dollars into government coffers;

(2) calls on the Queensland Government to:

(a) immediately pass on recent reductions in wholesale prices to customers in full;

(b) end the network 'gold plating', write down regulated assets and accept a lower return so that Queenslanders can be charged less;

(c) provide adequate subsidies to Queensland families and businesses in recognition of the interest they have been paying on unnecessary debt carried by state-owned electricity businesses;

(d) increase competition in the Queensland electricity market by splitting the two state owned generators into three viable businesses with 'fair dinkum' electricity generation; and

(e) be honest with Queenslanders by informing them of the real cost of increasing the supply of unreliable electricity to meet Labor's 50 per cent Renewable Energy Target; and

(3) acknowledges that if the Queensland Government was prepared to take serious action, electricity prices could be lowered immediately for millions of hard working Queensland families and hundreds of thousands of small businesses.

Dr Phelps: To present a Bill for an Act to amend the Migration Act 1958, and for related purposes. (Migration Amendment (Urgent Medical Treatment) Bill 2018)