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Thursday, 24 June 2021
Page: 49

Ms RISHWORTH (Kingston) (13:54): What we've seen from the National Party today is that they have no intention of backing this plan. They have no intention of wanting the river to be restored to health. I have to say that the lack of respect shown in this place for South Australians by the National Party is enormous. They have shown disdain and disrespect. I have to say that for South Australians I think that feeling is mutual.

But of course the test comes on for the Prime Minister. This Prime Minister has to stand up to the National Party if he is serious about South Australia. The Murray-Darling Basin Plan unites South Australians. It unites farmers, irrigators, community members and people who live in Adelaide. All South Australians are united because we're at the end of the river and we know the impact if we don't have a healthy river; it's no good for anyone.

So tomorrow the Prime Minister must make a stand. He must make sure that there is no National Party member appointed as the minister for water. That's the only way that we'll know this government is serious about South Australians and serious about the Murray River. Otherwise, it's all weasel words. (Time expired)