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Wednesday, 9 November 2016
Page: 3344

Racial Discrimination Act 1975

Mr BANDT (Melbourne) (14:15): My question is to the Prime Minister. Since the election you have attacked renewable energy and defended coal, you have proposed permanent bans on refugees coming to Australia seeking our help, and now you are caving in to Senator Pauline Hanson and the Donald Trumps in your party on race hate laws. Will you rule out allowing Donald Trump style hate speech to flourish in Australia by changing the law to make it easier to say racist things, or are you now so beholden to the far Right that you are letting Pauline Hanson write your policy? Prime Minister, do you actually believe in this Trump-style agenda, or are you just content with being the poor man's Tony Abbott?

The SPEAKER: The Prime Minister will resume his seat. I have cautioned many members on referring to members by their correct title.

Mr Craig Kelly: He's the next President of the United States. You should call him President Trump!

The SPEAKER: The member for Hughes will leave under standing order 94(a). I have cautioned many members on this, and I have made it clear I am not going to keep cautioning them continually. The member for Gellibrand learnt this in the 90 second statements; a pity he is not here to hear it now. Members will refer to members by their correct titles. I am not allowing an opportunity to rephrase the question. I am moving to the next question.

The member for Hughes then left the chamber.

Mr BANDT: Mr Speaker, there was no other referral.

The SPEAKER: No, I have made a ruling. You did not refer to the member for Warringah by his correct title. I have made it very clear. I am not going to keep repeating this day by day. The member for Melbourne will resume his seat.

Mr Sukkar: Sit down, you commie!