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Wednesday, 30 May 2018
Page: 4928

Mr EVANS (Brisbane) (13:37): This past week the Labor Party has been trying to shop around the word 'sneaky' so I felt that a quick fact-check might be in order. As it turns out, sneaky is doctoring transcripts to hide the fact that Labor is all over the shop when it comes to borders and national security. Sneaky is sending deliberately false text messages to old and sick people, pretending that Medicare is danger. Sneaky is constantly describing hospital and school funding as being cut, when funding is actually now at record levels and growing. Sneaky is talking about fairness when the biggest new tax Labor wants to impose actually hits retirees and pensioners, mostly people on lower incomes. Sneaky is trying to divide Australians with a fake class war to excuse Labor whacking up new taxes. Sneaky is putting union bosses ahead of workers and accepting kickbacks from employers.

Mr Conroy interjecting

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Mr Hogan ): The member for Shortland is warned.

Mr EVANS: Sneaky is the Labor Party trying to pretend they're about our community when, of course, their party is increasingly dominated, funded and controlled by vested-interest union bosses. Sneaky is pretending that they will ever deliver a surplus when the last time Labor balanced the books in this country was in 1989. That was 30 years ago, when I was just seven years old.