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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
Page: 16

Mr PEARCE (Braddon) (13:38): Fishing is one of the north-west, west coast and King Island's most popular pastimes and one of Tasmania's biggest tourist drawcards. So today I'm pleased to report to the House that, after 25 years, we are on the verge of eradicating carp from Tasmania. Carp impact our regional environment as well as affecting us economically and socially. They are described as water wreckers, resource hogs or trash fish.

Thank you to the Tasmanian government and the staff of Tasmania's Inland Fisheries Service for their dedicated work in eradicating the carp from Tasmanian waters over several decades. With financial support from the federal government, the TFS has developed a successful multipronged program to remove and eradicate carp while protecting the natural values of our lakes. TFS's innovative approach to carp management has been recognised both nationally and internationally.

Tasmania's Lake Sorell has been a prized fishing location for generations, but the carp infestations have meant that there are now young adults who are in their 20s who've never had the opportunity to fish this beautiful lake. Thanks to the partnership between state and federal governments, Lake Sorell and Lake Crescent are both open again, and the great family tradition of heading to the great lakes for a weekend of trout fishing is able to continue.