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Monday, 22 October 2018
Page: 10534


Our belief and faith in all Children involves devotion, discipline, support and encouragement for those Children to observe, and learn the principal Proven-Facts about, (HUMAN-EVOLUTION) 'which will design a legal moral-code governing the conduct of Human-affairs, achieving a truthful and positive influence on all Human-kind to go forward together, in a common direction. / We the people of Australia must 'Scientifically’ question, again and again our responsibility towards the Children of tomorrow, and their Children's, Children. / All Modern-Children should know the truth about anatomical changes to their body organisms over millions of years, the evolutionary process that created 'modern-Human' during the past 3.95 Billions-years, giving all Children respect and confidence for them-selves, to establish a peaceful transition from ancient beliefs, to the 'Scientific' age of knowledge.

We therefore ask the House to debate this 'EDUCATION BILL: Education Act, to be amended. Section 1: Introduce one Subject, (HUMAN-EVOLUTION) 'to competently Educate all Students in every Australian School-Culture, building a high-quality early Childhood Education for those Students, on their journey through School, and University. / Section 2: Introduce a, (HUMAN-EVOLUTION EDUCATION LAW) 'that law of principle will rule and control the, (COMPULSORY SEPARATE CURRICULUM) ‘in grades 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12, for those Students to receive the Scientific Proven-Facts about, (HUMAN-EVOLUTION) 'Compassionately touched and designed for every Public School, Private School, religious School, and Independent Schools. Achieving, a GIANT-STEP! For Human-kind.

from 2 citizens (Petition No. EN0714)