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Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Page: 2616

Ms SHARKIE (Mayo) (11:56): Firstly, I would like to say, with respect to the shadow minister's questioning, I note that the minister did not commit to the release of the CBA after the cabinet had completed its deliberating in relation to the APVMA. I would also like to talk about the dairy industry. In my electorate of Mayo, I have many dairy farmers who do not sell to Fonterra and Murray Goulburn. These farmers do not currently have access to loans under the Dairy Recovery Concessional Loans scheme, despite being just as heavily affected by the recent drop in farmgate milk prices. Will the minister be extending the Dairy Recovery Concessional Loans scheme to farmers who to not sell to Fonterra and Murray Goulburn? Many farmers have told me they are hurting even though they do not sell to those two providers.

Furthermore, I understand that, for the purpose of the loan schemes in South Australia, security valuations are only based on land and not the full value of farm assets such as lands, livestock and water. I met with the state minister for agriculture who said to me that he needed greater clarity in relation to this from the federal minister. So my question to the minister is: can you provide some greater clarity so that we can have a national position in relation to this?

Minister, I would also like to talk to you about my own electorate of Mayo. We are growers of apples, pears and cherries and, as you know, the backpacker tax has significantly affected my community. My question to the minister is—

Honourable members interjecting

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Mr Buchholz ): Order! The member for Mayo will take a seat please. Whilst we do encourage robust debate, and I have let debate run, it is starting to get a little unruly, so if I could just remind members of the standing orders and I ask the member for Mayo to resume her contribution.

Ms SHARKIE: Thank you, Mr Deputy Speaker.

Mr Fitzgibbon: Because they are boofheads!

Ms SHARKIE: As I was saying, I was talking about—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for Mayo will take her seat. It would assist the House if the shadow minister would withdraw.

Mr Fitzgibbon: I withdraw, Mr Deputy Speaker.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Thank you. If we could show some courtesy in the House. The member for Mayo please.

Ms SHARKIE: Thank you. In relation to the backpacker tax, as you know, my party wrote to you in relation to our idea of a seasonal employment program that would assist locals who are unemployed to have incentives and jobactive providers to be involved in the seasonal work so that the farmers in my region are best able to be supported and can find employees who are active and ready to go.

Would the minister please advise what his considerations have been with respect to the letter that I wrote to him some weeks ago? Also, Minister, I would be most appreciative if you could give me an update on the pest-free area designed for the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu region. What decisions will the minister take to actively support this? This will bring thousands of jobs to my region.

Proposed expenditure agreed to.

Finance Portfolio

Proposed expenditure, $422, 269,000