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Wednesday, 9 May 2018
Page: 3452


Mr CREWTHER (Dunkley) (14:20): My question is to the Treasurer. Will the Treasurer outline to the House how the government will provide tax relief to encourage and reward working Australians, including in my electorate of Dunkley?

Mr MORRISON (CookTreasurer) (14:20): I thank the member for Dunkley for his question and I commend the member for Dunkley on his success in advocating for the electrification of the Frankston-to-Baxter line—congratulations. He is a tireless worker for his community, ensuring in this budget essential infrastructure that is supported by a stronger economy. It is congestion-busting infrastructure, infrastructure going into Victoria. And I have no doubt that the member for Corangamite would also be pleased to see these important projects, as she is to see the Avalon airport, which we've also announced in the budget.

In this budget we have announced real tax relief for Australian families and working people in this country who pay taxes. We have done that through a seven-year plan that is affordable, that is costed and that provides genuine certainty for Australians as to what economy they'll be working in over the next 10 years and the tax they will pay. More importantly, when they put in the extra effort and go the extra yard they will be able to keep the proceeds of their extra effort. That plan involves, in its first step, delivering to middle- and low-income earners up to $530 every single year as part of their additional tax refund. If it's a dual-income family on average incomes, that's more than $1,000. For a family in those circumstances, that's half the year's electricity bill; that's filling the tank on about 10 occasions; that's paying for the kids' school books and uniforms—doing all of these things.

There are some on the other side who snigger at it, demean it. The member for Sydney particularly was sniggering at it the other day. She must be really in touch with Australians out there who are working, when she thinks $530 is to be discarded and means nothing to working Australian families in this country! But that's the tax relief that we're delivering as a government, because we understand that it's important that Australians get that relief now. Those of the almond-latte set don't think it matters. On that side of the House they just rip into their smashed avocados and say it doesn't matter. But on this side of the House we know it matters, and that's why we've provided for it in this budget.

But on top of that, we are acting to remove the impact of bracket creep over that seven-year tax plan and simplify the tax system in this country, which will mean that 94 per cent of working Australians who are paying taxes in this country will face a marginal tax rate of no higher than 32½ cents in the dollar. That plan needs to be legislated. The Labor Party will find any excuse not to give Australians tax relief. We'll look for every opportunity to give them that relief.