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Monday, 3 December 2018
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Mr TIM WILSON (Goldstein) (10:30): Since 1921, Australian Rotary Clubs have united men and women with a shared belief in securing a more inclusive society which promotes fellowship, integrity and goodwill. All of Australia's 30,000 Rotarians deserve recognition, including my mother. Today I would like to acknowledge some of the leaders of Goldstein's exceptional Rotary community.

At the Sandringham Rotary Club, I would like to recognise the incredible efforts of outgoing board members President Bob Richards OAM and Vice-President Maria Hawley. Congratulations to Garry Thompson and Ian Wells, who were elected president and vice-president of the club in July. At Beaumaris Rotary, thank you to the outgoing executive, in particular President Chris D'arcy, Treasurer Richard Jones and Secretary James Glenwright. Congratulations to the new leadership, President Heather Chisholm, Treasurer Lynda Doutch and Secretary Roy Seager. At the Rotary Club of Glen Eira, I'd like to recognise the executive, President John Luscak, Treasurer Keith Faiman and Secretary Alan Samuel, and offer my congratulations to the new team, President Alan Samuel, President-elect Lili Teichman, Secretary Joan Luscak and Treasurer Geoff Asher. At the Bentleigh Moorabbin Central Rotary Club, thank you to the outgoing president, Peter O'Brien, and congratulations to President Ian Ballantine; Treasurer Ron Brownlees; the community chair, Joe Impi; the international chair, Linda O'Brien; and the vocational and youth chair, Peter Guttann. At Rotary Club of Hampton, thank you to the outgoing co-presidents, Jenifer Fox and Elizabeth Ware. Congratulations to President Stuart Le Gros, Treasurer Rosalind Bodley, Secretary Marie Arendsen and the membership officer, Christine Lindsey. Then, of course, the mighty Rotary Club of Brighton: thank you to the outgoing executive, President Damien Hellard, Treasurer Bill Harley and Secretary David Finley. Congratulations to President Norman Thomas, President-elect Geoff Bentley, Vice-President Barry Hickman, Treasurer Kien Teh and Secretary John Schmoll. Finally, at Brighton North Rotary, thank you so much to the outgoing team, comprising President William Heron, Treasurer Russell Brewer and Secretary Ross Rice. Congratulations to President Meg Ryan, President-elect John Blangiardo, Vice-President Linn Maskell, Treasurer Neil Graham and Secretary Cheryl Cox.

Best wishes to all of the community organisations and the Rotary clubs that do so much on the ground, who work for, support and commit their services to our wonderful community, whether it's at the local farmers markets, the local Bunnings or wherever it is they do their good work. When you do what you do, it has an impact. It binds our community together. It's part of the social fabric. We're so proud of everything that you do. That's why you'll continue to have my support, and you're part of the reason I'm so proud to represent a community as wonderful as ours.