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Monday, 3 December 2018
Page: 12205

Mr GEORGANAS (Hindmarsh) (13:32): I have grave concerns about Airservices Australia's intentions to cut the professional firefighting crews at Adelaide Airport. This puts staff working overnight at risk, as well as the airport itself, airport infrastructure and aircraft, and 25,000 households that surround the airport. Currently, during the curfew period at the Adelaide Airport, there is a professional career aircraft rescue and firefighting crew 24/7, and this is in accordance with CASA regulations. The airport is safeguarded by this dedicated crew of five staff, able to deploy one aviation emergency response within three minutes to any point of the airport. This provides safe and rapid intervention in an emergency situation.

Airservices Australia is fully funded for the ARFF crews but has decided to put savings before safety in proposing the cuts to the firefighting crew levels at night, downgrading the emergency response cover from one officer and four firefighters to just one officer and two firefighters. Airservices Australia's cost-cutting exercise is in direct contrast with the current expansion of Adelaide Airport, with the terminal being expanded and the hotel expansion. We ask Airservices Australia to reverse these cuts that will put the public at risk.