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Monday, 3 December 2018
Page: 12204

Ms BRODTMANN (Canberra) (13:29): A local charity in Canberra contacted me recently about their experience trying to connect their premises to VDSL2. The local charity asked the telco provider the question, 'Is VDSL2 definitely available at our address?' and the response was: 'VDSL2 is available at that site. Yes, that is the case.' Based on this, the local charity proceeded with the connection, but to no avail. Despite the plans showing a cable at the premises, no such cable existed. The telco provider then quoted nearly $2,800, excluding GST, to install a cable to the building. Even though the telco provider had said an NBN connection was available, suddenly an NBN connection was not available, and the expensive connection to VDSL2 was the only option.

Due to the generosity of a couple of local Canberra businesses, the charity is being helped through the connection process. But my concern is that the telco provider is being rewarded after some rather questionable, dubious, commercial ethics. I've checked the NBN rollout map, and it shows that fibre to the curb is available. Telco providers need to ensure that their customer and business relations staff act with integrity and provide the best possible outcome and experience for their customers, not just price gouge.