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Monday, 7 November 2016
Page: 2852


There have been many attempts to gain momentum for amendments to the Marriage Act to recognise same gender couples. It seems quite obvious over the course of time that the elected representatives of the people are unable to bring the Parliament to a decision on this matter. This question is closely tied to the question of the social fabric of Australia, and as such is an emotive and divisive subject that makes it difficult for Representatives seeking re-election to be courageous in their approach to this important matter. In this case it seems quite appropriate to allow the Parliament to identify the Australian people's view on the subject, without the filter of of Party politics and individual representatives morals and beliefs.

We request the House of Representatives to progress the establishment of a Plebiscite into amendments to the Marriage Act to consider the question of same gender marriage to allow Parliament to identify the will of the majority of Australian individuals free from political manouvreing.

from 54 citizens.