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Monday, 7 November 2016
Page: 2850

Dairy Industry

To the House of Representatives I am writing this to the House of Representatives to address this issue.

My concern is how the farmers aren't getting paid what they deserve. Fonterra and Murray Goulburn have both cut prices they pay farmers for dairy. These farmers have signed contracts to these businesses and now it's being turned around asking some farmers to pay the business their money back because they were overpaid. I do not see how this is fair. This issue has left dairy farmers with nothing. The farmers wake up everyday at 4am to milk the cows and then proceed to do many other jobs needed around the farm. For example feeding the calves and repairing the fences. At 3pm, it's time for the second milking. The farmer have to pay 38c to produce milk and only receive 37c per litre in return which means they aren't making any money.

We therefore ask the House of Representatives to convince Murray Goulburn and Fonterra to change the prices to pay farmers back to the way they were.

from 12 citizens.