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Thursday, 24 May 2018
Page: 4593


Mr ALBANESE (Grayndler) (14:22): My question is addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure. Is the Deputy Prime Minister considering abandoning his support for the government's $80 billion handout to big business so he can actually allocate funds for the Western Sydney rail project, which the government failed to fund in the budget?

Mr McCORMACK (RiverinaDeputy Prime Minister, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and Leader of The Nationals) (14:23): I thank the shadow minister for his question. One thing I'll say about the Nationals is that, when we say something, we put our names to it. We're backing the tax plan of the government. The Liberal and National parties—the Turnbull-McCormack government—are backing the tax plan of the government. And I'll tell you why we're backing it: because it's a blueprint for our economic future. It's a 10-year enterprise tax plan just like we've got a 10-year infrastructure investment pipeline. There is $75 billion in investing in the infrastructure that this country needs, that Australians want, demand, expect and deserve. That's what we're doing.

But I'll just go back to his little point about the newspaper article today and I'll say again that, at least when National Party members make a comment to the press, they put their name to it. I tell you what: we often hear shadow ministers, Labor sources and Left sources making comments about the leadership of the man opposite—the leadership of the member for Maribyrnong. And do you know why? Because he's on borrowed time, and the member who asked the question knows it because he's going to be the biggest beneficiary when the member for Maribyrnong falls over. But I say again that the Nationals and the Liberals are in lock step with the tax plan.

The SPEAKER: The member for Grayndler on a point of order?

Mr Albanese: It is a point of order, indeed, Mr Speaker. I seek leave to table—


Mr Albanese: I'm trying to help him, Mr Speaker!

The SPEAKER: You're not helping me. Resume your seat.

Mr McCORMACK: I'll tell you why the Nationals are in lock step with the Liberal Party when it comes to the Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan. But don't take my word for it; let's talk about Barbara and Brian Carey, who run Warehouse Cafe in Bunbury, in the member for Forrest's electorate. She's right behind it because she knows that the tax reduction that she's going to get is going to help her business, just like the instant asset write-off. Another is Rick Casagrande of Hotweld Engineering in Bunbury, in the member for Forrest's electorate. There are a whole host of them. Warners Fine Jewellery in Bundaberg, in the member for Hinkler's electorate, is another. They're all behind the Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan. Jason McPherson of CPM Engineering in Gympie, in the member for Wide Bay's electorate, is another. They know that the Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan is going to create more jobs.

When it comes to more jobs, there's no way better of doing it than the Liberals and Nationals' Ten Year Enterprise Tax Plan. We've achieved, through the help of small and medium family enterprises and big business, a million jobs in less than five years. We said we'd do it in five years. We achieved it five months early—because that's what we do. We've got a plan; we're creating jobs; we're lowering taxes. All these opposite stand for is more taxes and fewer jobs.