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Monday, 21 May 2018
Page: 3809

Foreign Aid Grants

We therefore ask the House to: Reallocate the Foreign Aid Budget.

We ask that at least 33.3% of the yearly amount of Foreign AID Budget (or a minimum a total yearly amount of $1,000m per year) in amounts of up to $40m per grant be given only to registered Australian DGR charities that are working directly to help Australians only. The registered Australian DGR charities that have set up the executive management of the charity to operate at the lowest amount of operations costs should be the first to receive the Grants. All the Grants should allow the charity to use the Grants for anything so long as it is related to the work the charity is registered to operate within. That would include but not limited to Infrastructure, Vehicle purchase, Property Lease Payments, Insurance, Advertising, Logistics, Employees' Salaries & Wages. The Grants should be offered every year so long as the charity can show that the last Grant was used in accordance with the Grant rules. Charities that have not been able to operate due to the lack of funds should be given priority to be able to prove themselves and should not be discounted due to the fact that they have not had the funds to operate the charity. We also request that the House act on this and make it law as soon as possible within the next 12 months. Also the Foreign Aid budget be renamed to "Foreign and Domestic Aid Budget".

from 86 citizens (Petition No. EN0531)