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Monday, 21 May 2018
Page: 3807


We the people of Australia would like to petition the government to make seafood labelling law in Australia we the people deserve the right to know what we are eating.We should have the choice to be able to eat Australian seafood and know where our seafood is from.As it is at the moment restaurants cafe pubs clubs are under no regulation to say where the seafood is sourced from.Labelling does not cover seafood and I feel we the people should have the choice.Fresh seafood has had to be labelled for years but seafood bought from restaurants cafes pubs clubs do not have to tell anyone they can just have FISH with no mention of what type of fish or which country it comes from .

We, therefore, ask the house to make it law for seafood to be labelled country of origin and what the fish is people have a right to know what they are consuming

from 61 citizens (Petition No. EN0523)