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Monday, 21 May 2018
Page: 3804


WHEREAS voting at federal elections is compulsory under threat of fine. AND WHEREAS a formal vote is a correctly completed ballot paper and it is only the formal votes that are counted to determine the election result. AND WHEREAS an informal vote is a ballot paper that has not been completed following the rules for the election and thus cannot be used to determine the election result. AND WHEREAS informal votes include ballots where the elector failed to number the required number of boxes intentionally because of lack of support for the candidates. AND WHEREAS an elector has the right, and legal duty, at election time to vote for the candidates of their choice, and that if none of the candidates on that ballot paper meet the electors requirements, there should be a legal way of indicating this fact, as a formal vote against all names on that paper and still have it count towards the election result. AND WHEREAS other democracies around the world provide for a "None Of The Above" or "NOTA" ballot option, designed to allow the voter to indicate disapproval of all of the candidates.

Will the House Act to provide for a "None-Of-The-Above" or "NOTA" option on the ballot paper for all federal elections across all electorates and that if the majority of the electors were to vote "NOTA" in an electorate, it should force a fresh election and bring forth fresh candidates, thus indicating that the electors were casting their votes with care.

from 30 citizens (Petition No. EN0501)