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Wednesday, 12 February 2020
Page: 1000

Mr KATTER (Kennedy) (13:28): I always get the feeling that I'm in a lunatic asylum here. We have had every speaker get up and tell us how wonderful the free trade agreements have been. I'm a primitive person, as you all know. A primitive person says, 'You judge a policy by its outcomes.' Well, let's have a look at the outcomes. There is not much secondary industry left in Australia at all what your free trade agreement has destroyed secondary industry in this country. Let me be very specific. You have closed down the entire motor vehicle industry. Congratulations, Mr Free Marketeers, on both sides. You have closed down the entire petrol industry. Congratulations, Mr Free Marketeers. You have closed down almost the entire textile, footwear and clothing industry. Congratulations, Mr Free Marketeers. You've even managed—

Mr Pasin: Love it!

Mr KATTER: Wait on; I'll take the interjection. Could I just find who said 'rubbish'?

Mr Pasin: I said 'love it'.

Mr KATTER: Oh, you love it, right? He loves the closure of the motor vehicle industry. He loves the closure of the textile, footwear and clothing industries. Let's go back to your electorate. I'll make sure it gets to the papers there. You loved the closure of the whitegoods industry in Australia and you've even managed to figure out a way to export the electricity industry. That's most certainly a challenge.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Mr Llew O'Brien ): The debate is interrupted in accordance with standing order 43. The debate may be resumed at a later hour.