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Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Page: 11949

Mr LLEW O'BRIEN (Wide Bay) (13:44): Child sex offenders are evil—often highly manipulative and skilled at their vile practices. Child sex offenders are people society can never trust. I don't care what rehabilitation is available or how successfully a child sex offender completes it: a person who takes pleasure in or profits from the abuse of children is no longer fit to be considered a normal human being and should never enjoy the trust and freedoms of a normal citizen.

Since 2012, less than 60 per cent of child sex offenders have received a prison sentence. Many were released after six months, placing our kids at risk. The coalition is introducing tough new laws to catch and jail paedophiles by targeting all aspects of their activities, from the commission of their offences, to bail, sentencing and post-prison arrangements. Under these reforms, child sex offenders will face mandatory minimum sentences; spend longer time in jail; bail and parole will be less likely; and they'll be closely supervised after release. These reforms are the toughest crackdown on paedophiles in a generation, sending a strong message that these subhuman offenders will not be tolerated. I implore Labor to change their position on mandatory minimum sentencing so that child sex offenders get the treatment they deserve in sentencing, in jail and forevermore.