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Tuesday, 24 October 2017
Page: 11734

Mr CLARE (Blaxland) (13:57): Today is an important day. Today it's the Prime Minister's birthday. He turns 63, and doesn't he look sprightly! Like a good truffle, he's just getting more expensive with age. It doesn't matter how old you are, everybody likes a present for their birthday. But what do you get a man who's got everything? This is a man who promised so much but has given us so little, other than, of course, a dodgy NBN, a tax cut for millionaires, a tax increase for almost everybody else, a cut to penalty rates, a cut to people's pension payments, a cut to education and now, apparently, a cut of 50 cents—a measly 50 cents—to people's power bills. What do you get a man like that for his birthday? Maybe a new leather jacket. Maybe a new Deputy Prime Minister. No, we have to wait until Friday for that.

The people of Australia know what to get this Prime Minister for his birthday. The Prime Minister wants everyone to work until they're 70. I have to tell you, the feeling isn't mutual. What the people of Australia would really love to give the Prime Minister for his birthday is early retirement. They've told him 21 times. They can't wait to give it to him. So, Prime Minister, on behalf of the opposition, happy birthday. The people of Australia have their present ready for you. They're ready whenever you are. (Time expired)