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Tuesday, 24 October 2017
Page: 11729

Ms RYAN (LalorOpposition Whip) (13:39): I rise today to call something to the House's attention. We sat here yesterday in question time and heard the Prime Minister tell us stories about the lived experience of people around the country and their relationship with his NBN. He basically suggested that what they're living is their fantasy and, if that's not the case, they should blame Labor. That was the summary of question time for me yesterday. Well, while the Prime Minister was doing that yesterday, people were emailing me and ringing my office to tell me their stories about their most recent connections to the NBN.

Jeni says:

We are lucky and had the real NBN installed but have sympathy for those that ended up with the 'fake' version.

Another said:

It drops out so regularly, can take 1 hr to reconnect.

Their uni student son cannot use the internet because it drops out or fails to connect. That was in Tarneit. I heard another horror story where people rushed to sign up, only to be cut off from phone and internet services for three weeks; they were fighting, making phone calls, and at their own cost getting wireless. These stories are everywhere in my electorate. This is a bad NBN. Can we have the good NBN back please, Prime Minister?