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Thursday, 10 May 2018
Page: 3719

The SPEAKER (15:17): I have a short statement about some housekeeping matters for this evening with respect to the Leader of the Opposition's budget reply speech. As I outlined on Tuesday, the usual courtesies of course apply to the Leader of the Opposition's speech, as they did with the Treasurer's. As with last year, I think the House conducted itself well on Tuesday evening. Again, with respect to this evening, as with all proceedings, the Leader of the Opposition will have the call and is entitled to speak without interruption. Again, if I'm required to make use of standing order 94(a), it will be in accordance with the same arrangements, where it will be by written note and the required member will need to leave the chamber immediately.

I have just one other matter. This is some experience that I've had over the last few budget speeches. Both the Clerk and I sometimes get notes or queries right near the end of the speech where the time on the clock has expired. I want to address this in advance for members. Standing order 1 provides that there is no time limit at all for the Treasurer's speech or the Leader of the Opposition's speech. In fact, they are the only speeches where there is no time limit. The clock is there merely for guidance for each of the speakers. I just want to point that out in the nicest possible way, because in the last few years I've had a few queries and I wouldn't want to point it out on budget night or during the Leader of the Opposition's speech. I thank the House.