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Monday, 26 November 2018
Page: 11280

Mental Health

We are asking for this to be implemented due to the elevated stress and high rates of suicide experienced within this industry. Every year 190 Australians who work in these industries take their own lives. Please sign now to recommend funding for the development of programs to help guide best practice strategies for addressing mental health at work. These would seek to accomplish the following: reduce exposure to hazards in the workplace; promote positive aspects of mental health; provide mental health and suicide prevention literacy; and, facilitate early intervention and treatment. Such measures would aim to improve the overall psychosocial quality of work in the industry. We believe that there are key factors in the trade industry workers external environment that can be modified by prevention initiatives. This would result in an overall improvement in mental wellbeing of construction workers; a decrease in psychological distress and mental health of construction workers; and, an overall improvement in the psychosocial characteristics of working conditions. We suggest that post industry-approved approaches are developed, relevant standards and protocols are established. We are undergraduate BA students from Massey University working on a group project to improve mental health in the trade industry in Australia.

We therefore ask the House to recommend that companies operating in the building, mining and farming industries have a mental health dimension within their procurement policies

from 45 citizens (Petition No. EN0746)