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Monday, 30 November 2015
Page: 14251

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet: Indigenous Advancement Strategy

(Question No. 1491)

Mr Conroy asked the Prime Minister in writing, on 7 September 2015:

In respect of the $2,400,000.00 tender (CN3287018) to National Rugby League Limited, (a) what is this for, (b) what are aims of this project, and (c) who will participate in this project.

Mr Turnbull: As the honourable member is aware, I was sworn in as Prime Minister on 15 September 2015. As the honourable member's question relates to matters before that date, I am advised by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet that the answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(a) The funding of $2,400,000 (GST inclusive) was provided to the National Rugby League Limited (NRL) through the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet's Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

The period of the contract is 2 years and due to cease 30 June 2017.

The total funding amount of $2,400,000 is provided to deliver the following 3 projects:

Project A—Beyond the Goalposts

Project B—Through the Outback Competition

Project C—School to Work (S2W)

(b) Project A - Beyond the Goalposts: the project will aim to improve attendance rates and enhance students' participation in sport and other extracurricular activities in at least 70 primary and secondary schools across NSW. A minimum of 3,600 participating students (both male and female) will be targeted.

Project B - Through the Outback Competition: the NRL supported the annual Indigenous Rugby League carnival 'the Koori Knockout' held 2-5 October 2015, to ensure it provided a positive and professional environment in which the community had the opportunity to participate. The project supported the Government's priorities of Getting Children to School, Adults in Jobs and Making Communities Safer.

Project C - The School to Work (S2W): this project will support 500 Indigenous Students in NSW and Victoria (both male and female) to complete Year 12 and successfully transition into employment and/or further education.

(c) These projects will support Indigenous school students and community members from across NSW and Victoria to improve their employment and education outcomes. The projects also promote improved Indigenous health, greater community cultural capacity and enhanced community engagement.