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Monday, 30 November 2015
Page: 14069

Special Minister of State

Mr DREYFUS (IsaacsDeputy Manager of Opposition Business) (14:57): My question is again to the Special Minister of State. Again, I refer to text messages exchanged between the minister and James Ashby on 29 March 2012. The minister sent a text back, after James Ashby had assured the minister that copies of the Speaker's official diary would be coming through in minutes, and I quote: 'Thanks'. Ashby then sent a text to the minister, and I quote: 'Will need to get daily printouts tomorrow with greater detail.' Did the minister receive those unauthorised daily printouts of the Speaker's diary? Is conduct of this nature consistent with the standards the government applies to this minister's portfolio. (Time expired)

Mr BROUGH (FisherMinister for Defence Materiel and Science and Special Minister of State) (14:57): Mr Speaker, I actually do not understand what you are just referring to there, but can I assure you that every document that I have received is in the Federal Court.