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Monday, 24 August 2020
Page: 5207

Ms CHESTERS (Bendigo) (13:51): This Prime Minister just won't take responsibility for anything. He won't take responsibility for the devastating bushfires that occurred during our summer. It's been more than six months, and families who lost their homes, who are quite possibly grieving the loss of a loved one, are still living in tents and caravans. Their blocks have not been cleared, yet this Prime Minister won't take responsibility. This Prime Minister won't take responsibility for quarantine, even though it's listed in the Constitution as an area of responsibility of the Prime Minister. He will not take responsibility for the Ruby Princess debacle. He buck-passes hotel quarantine to the states, even though Australian borders and quarantine are his responsibility. This Prime Minister will not take responsibility for the thousands of university jobs lost on his watch, with more to go, because he will not extend JobKeeper to this sector. He will not take responsibility for aged care and the tragedy of so many older Australians in aged care that have lost their lives. He will not take responsibility for the aged-care workforce, ensuring that they have the proper training and the proper PPE to be able to do their job to care for our older Australians. He won't even take responsibility for the behaviour of his own party—the allegations of corruption and branch stacking in his own party. He won't even take responsibility for that. Australians need a prime minister and a government who will stand up. (Time expired)