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Tuesday, 21 March 2023
Page: 19

Ms TEMPLEMAN (Macquarie) (13:49): The urgency within my community to have action to control vapes is increasing. When I speak with school students, it's on their agenda. When I speak with teachers and principals, it's on their agenda. And, when I speak with parents, it's definitely on their agenda.

They all know that, while there's a need for good public health information, there's an urgent need for tighter regulation. It's well understood that not only can you get these products easily but they're also being directly marketed to children. Why else are they fruit flavoured and covered in pretty pictures like unicorns, and why are they disguised to be hidden in a pencil case? The industry has been left to run riot in the last few years, and the time to act on an issue is as it emerges, not when it is a full-blown menace. But those opposite wasted 10 years when they could have taken action.

In the last 10 months we've done more than they did in 10 years to tackle this issue. We have already sought advice on how vaping laws can change, asking the Therapeutic Goods Administration to investigate. They've received thousands of submissions, and I look forward to their recommendations coming to government. The health minister has begun discussions with the states. They recognise this has to be done at two levels of government for there to be any effect. My community wants to be a part of the solution, and I look forward to working with my school students and my state counterparts to tackle this issue.