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Thursday, 31 March 2022
Page: 1476

Ms CATHERINE KING (Ballarat) (13:57): Is there anything more that this Prime Minister and his Deputy Prime Minister like more than making big, splashy announcements but then burying the truth in the fine print? Year after year they do it. Again, we see the Monday drop of the infrastructure announcements and a big, splashy headline, but the devil is always in the detail. I think many Victorian MPs on both sides of the House would be surprised to learn that, of the $3.3 billion the government claims for new infrastructure investment in Victoria, only 6.1 per cent is actually in the forward estimates and is actually in the budget. The Victorian government is pretty ropable. For those MPs in South Australia: only 8.2 per cent of that new money is in the forward estimates. If you win the next election, you're not going to see it in that period of time. In Queensland it is only a quarter. They have been short-changed.

This morning, we also saw on the front page of the Age: 'Coalition snubs Victoria on $7b fund, key pledge'. Why were none of the Victorian regions actually included? If this were really about energy security transition, why is the Latrobe Valley not included? The front page of the Courier Mail read: 'Qld to wait for billions'. Why does the Sunshine State have to wait years to see investment that it needs now. With the Olympics coming up just around the corner, you've got to invest now. Why don't you like Queenslanders?