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Monday, 23 October 2017
Page: 11425

Dental Health

This petition of young student citizens of Australia draw to the attention of the House: Teeth are a very important part of your body, so therefore dental care for all Australians should be free and covered by Medicare. Currently, citizens with private health insurance have access to the dentist immediately, but that should be the same for all Australians with or without private health insurance. Aboriginals' dental health is 2 to 8 times worse than Australians due to the prohibitive cost of dental care. People in rural and remote areas often wait around 2 to 3 years for free Government treatment. The best medicine for good dental health is a preventative oral hygiene regime including regular brushing and a healthy diet and regular check-ups and treatment at the dentist. Millions of people live with poor oral health due to the cost, because Medicare does not cover dental, this can make an impact on your health like diabetes and heart disease.

We therefore ask the House to make free dental care to be included in Medicare. Regular check-ups are really important so why shouldn't the government pay to ensure that everyone can go to the dentist for free and have healthy dental care, because your teeth are a vital part of your body.

from 51 citizens.