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Wednesday, 20 October 2010
Page: 1030

Mrs MIRABELLA (10:01 AM) —I rise to speak briefly on the Tradex Scheme Amendment Bill 2010 and to indicate that the opposition will be supporting these changes. We are quite content to accept the government’s assurances that these are well-intentioned amendments. They will better clarify the eligibility status of partnerships for assistance under the Tradex Scheme Act and they will also remove some redundant provisions from the act.

The Tradex Scheme was introduced in 2000 as a key initiative in the Howard government’s industry statement of the time. It has effectively served its purpose since then in streamlining the way in which relief is provided for businesses paying customs duty and GST on imported products that are ultimately intended for re-export, or for incorporation into other exported goods.

The coalition will not be opposing the amendments contained in this bill on the understanding that their effect will be to make minor adjustments to improve the administration of the Tradex Scheme. We also trust that the government’s intention is to continue to provide good stewardship of a scheme which has for a decade provided genuine and important benefits to Australian industry and enhanced our international competitiveness as a trading nation.