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Monday, 18 October 2010
Page: 434

Mr SIMPKINS (1:48 PM) —I would like to mention Kingsway Christian College today. During the election campaign I had the honour of attending a couple of sessions with their senior students to talk about their responsibilities as potential college captains and deputy college captains. I was fortunate enough to hear them make a number of speeches that I could give them a little bit of feedback on. They then made speeches to the whole school and four students were voted into the highest positions. I would just like to mention that the college captains for 2011 are Tarbie van Tonder and Paul Jones, and the vice-captains are Kelsey Hall and Ross Conradie. I know Tim and Annette Jones, who are Paul Jones’s parents. I know them from church and I am sure that they are very proud, as are all the parents of the Kingsway Christian College captains and vice-captains. That school is a very positive organisation. They do great things in education and within the community. So I wish the 2011 college captains and vice-captains all the best for their terms next year.