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Wednesday, 3 December 2008
Page: 12427

Mr HOCKEY (Manager of Opposition Business) (7:02 PM) —Mr Speaker, further to that comment, I understand the difficult position that you are being placed in. But we come to you as the Speaker in good faith and say to you: if you are not able to investigate this sort of matter, who is, Mr Speaker?

The SPEAKER —I simply say to the Manager of Opposition Business that that is why I am not being pre-emptive and giving any final pronouncements about this matter, because I understand that that point is one that would be put to me. I am just saying that intuitively I have problems about what the next course of action is. That is why I would prefer to be able to go away and consider this properly. It is not in any way a delaying tactic.

Mr HOCKEY —I understand that. But we want to know all the circumstances surrounding the capture of that photo and the provision of that photo to the media from this House. We want to know whether the camera used was an electorate camera or a Parliament House camera. We do not know these things. My comment was measured. I ask that someone investigate the matter. It is an unbelievably difficult issue.

The SPEAKER —That is why I say to the Manger of Opposition Business that I want to go away to have a look at the submission that he has put to me so I can give advice back to the chamber on what I believe to be a course of action, if any, that can be taken in the context of the points that have been made.