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Monday, 1 December 2008
Page: 12089

Mr Wood asked the Minister for Home Affairs, in writing, on 11 November 2008:

In respect of the 169 officers who have been made redundant from the Australian Federal Police (AFP):

(a)    in what operational and geographical areas were these redundancies made; (b) what impact will these redundancies have on ongoing AFP investigations; (c) how many other planned AFP investigations have been put on hold because of these redundancies?

Mr Debus (Minister for Home Affairs) —The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows:

(a)   Of the 169 AFP employees that accepted the offer of a voluntary redundancy, sixty (60) were sworn officers (Federal Agents and Community Policing) and of this number sixteen (16) only were attached to sworn investigative duties. The breakdown of numbers by operation/employment group is:

  • Protective Security Officers 54
  • Unsworn employees 55
  • Sworn Officers 60 (comprising 8 ACT Policing; 16 State Office investigators; 26 operations support or corporate and; 10 inoperative/long term leave).

   The geographic breakdown is:

  • ACT 82
  • QLD 14
  • NSW 27
  • NT 5
  • WA 7
  • SA 7
  • VIC 27

(b)   and (c) The redundancies will have little or no impact on ongoing AFP investigations. The AFP’s flexible deployment model ensures that investigative resources can be strategically deployed to areas of priority. The AFP initiated the voluntary redundancy exercise in June 2008, to meet changing business requirements. The use of the voluntary redundancy process complements the AFP’s workforce planning and provides a number of re-engineering opportunities for the organisation.