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Monday, 10 November 2008
Page: 10451

Mr Farmer asked the Minister for Youth, in writing, on 28 August 2008:

In respect of the YouthLinx program:

(a)   has she changed the amount of funding for the program in 2007-08 from the previous year; if so, by how much;

(b)   for both 2007 and 2008, what is the difference between the estimates on the:

(i)   amount of contact with young people through YouthLinx activities,

(ii)   number of families engaged through YouthLinx family support activities, and

(iii)   number of young people engaged through YouthLinx family support activities;

(c)   did she or her department consult with YouthLinx providers before devising the estimates for 2008 on the number of contacts with young people through YouthLinx activities;

(d)   which YouthLinx activities has she visited in the 42nd Parliament; and

(e)   what support is she or her department providing YouthLinx providers to reach their expected increase in reported positive outcomes from contact with YouthLinx for family support activities.

Ms Kate Ellis (Minister for Youth and Minister for Sport) —The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows:

(a)   YouthLinx funding in 2007-08 has not changed from the previous year.

(b)   The difference from the 2007 estimates to 2007 Est Actuals and 2008 Estimates is as follows:

(i)   48,441 and 50,000

(ii)   3,359 and 3,500

(iii)   19,891 and 20,000


   The increase was derived from the actual figures that were provided through an enhanced reporting process which commenced in 2007. The 2006/07 FaHCSIA Annual Report (the Department which previously administered the YouthLinx program) notes that their PBS Estimates were not reflective of the current environment and that the estimate would be revised in the future.

   (c)   State and territory offices were consulted in 2007 regarding the enhanced reporting process. As stated in (b), the increased estimates are more reflective of actual engagements.

   (d)   I am due to visit a range of YouthLinx services prior to the end of the year.

   (e)   As stated in (b), the increased estimates are more reflective of actual engagements. Therefore, operating under the same level of funding, the Department will continue to working closely with service providers to ensure the ongoing delivery of the YouthLinx Program.