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Tuesday, 25 September 2001
Page: 31370

Mr McMULLAN (Manager of Opposition Business) (3:35 PM) —I seek your indulgence to comment briefly on the same matter.

Mr SPEAKER —The Manager of Opposition Business may proceed.

Mr McMULLAN —Thank you, Mr Speaker. I thank the Leader of the House for his call to advise me of the matters of which he has essentially advised the House and of which I advised my colleagues during the caucus meeting this morning. It is true that it is very difficult to organise the business of the Senate compared with that of the House. I remember endeavouring to do so and never getting the cooperation of the Liberal Party on any occasion, so I understand the problem that they have. I also want to draw the attention of the House and the Leader of the House to the fact that if only the government would stop spending so much time trying to pass a bill to get money for its own political operations, it would be able to expedite the proceedings of the Senate.

Mr SPEAKER —I remind the Manager of Opposition Business that he is speaking on indulgence.

Mr Murphy —Mr Speaker, through you, could I ask the manager of government business how many bills are currently before the Senate?

Mr SPEAKER —The member for Lowe will find other facilities by which to find the answer to that question.