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Monday, 20 August 2001
Page: 29717

Miss JACKIE KELLY (Minister for Sport and Tourism) (3:36 PM) —Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation.

Mr SPEAKER —Does the minister claim to have been misrepresented?

Miss JACKIE KELLY —Yes, on three occasions.

Mr SPEAKER —Please proceed.

Miss JACKIE KELLY —I was misrepresented in the Penrith Star, a local newspaper in my electorate of Lindsay. That paper reported that I was claiming credit for volunteer work done by Mark Mikschl, a stonemason and the proprietor of Spike's Waterproofing Service of Windsor, in restoring local war memorials.

Mr SPEAKER —The member for Brisbane! The minister has the call. I have attempted to bring the House to exercise some sort of courtesy. The minister is entitled to be heard.

Miss JACKIE KELLY —It is a fact that this government runs a program called Their service; Our heritage—

Mr SPEAKER —The minister must indicate where she has been misrepresented.

Miss JACKIE KELLY —That program provides funds for restoring war memorials that have been let go by the council. Earlier this year, the Penrith RSL applied—

Mr SPEAKER —The minister will resume her seat.

Mr McMullan —I draw your attention to the standing orders as normally applied in regard to—

Mr SPEAKER —The Manager of Opposition Business is aware that I attempt to monitor this closely. The minister must indicate, as I am sure she is aware, where she has personally been misrepresented, not where her department has been misrepresented; nor can she indicate where her party may have been misrepresented. Minister, I will listen to you.

Miss JACKIE KELLY —The PenrithStar reporter was going off a press call of mine, which was made on the basis of a ministerial announcement that the Penrith RSL had been successful in securing funding for the renovation of the memorials in Memory Park, at the Castlereagh Public School and at the old council chambers. It was a cheque for over $1,600 to restore the said memorials, and that is what I announced at that press meeting.

Mr McMullan —Mr Speaker, I again raise a point of order—

Mr SPEAKER —The minister will resume her seat. I anticipate that the Manager of Opposition Business is raising the same point of order. The minister must recognise the obligation that she has to indicate where she has been misrepresented. The minister, I believe, has made the first point of misrepresentation.

Miss JACKIE KELLY —The second occasion was on 7 August when the member for Cowan read the said defamatory article into Hansard under privilege and he stated again that I had claimed credit for Mark Mikschl's work for cynical electoral purposes. I have served 6½ years in the RAAF—

Opposition members interjecting—

Mr SPEAKER —The minister can simply indicate where she has been misrepresented. She cannot enter into any argument. This standing order has always been applied equitably to both sides and I expect the same arrangements to apply to her.

Miss JACKIE KELLY —I was announcing the $1,600 of funding for the `Their service; our heritage' program.

Mr SPEAKER —Yes, but the minister has indicated that is where she was misrepresented. The third point is?

Miss JACKIE KELLY —The third point was on 14 August when the PenrithStar published another defamatory article headlined `Jackie Kelly: Hypocrite MP' with a photo of the member for Cowan reading the previous defamatory article into Hansard with the caption `WA MP Graham Edwards calls Jackie Kelly a hypocrite'. At no stage in the member for Cowan's speech did he call me a hypocrite and in fact if he had known the facts of the case he would never have made the speech in the first place, not even with the ALP campaign in Lindsay—

Mr SPEAKER —The minister has indicated where she has been misrepresented and will resume her seat.