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Wednesday, 27 June 2001
Page: 28662

Mr STEPHEN SMITH (11:41 AM) —The comments of the minister, the amendments he has moved and the circulation of the supplementary explanatory memorandum meet the point that was raised by Labor senators in their minority report to the Senate. It covers the matter I raised in the second reading debate. As I indicated in the course of the second reading, I firstly thank the government for providing the amendments to us at an earlier stage. I said last night that they looked to be okay and were on the right track, and I reserved the right to have a look at the detail and I reserved the right to look at the detail in the Senate. Overnight, I have had the chance to look further at the amendments, and I do think they meet the mischief that we were alerted to by way of the Senate committee evidence and report. I think that the government's amendments and the minister's presentation of them effectively combat the mischief that we were alerted to and, on that basis, they are supported by the opposition. We will, of course, take the appropriate opportunity to consult with industry. I am sure industry will be happy with the amendments, but, if there is any dotting of i's or crossing of t's required, I am sure, given the agreeable nature in which this matter has been dealt with, we can find any necessary accommodations in the Senate appropriately.

Amendments agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.