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Tuesday, 19 June 2001
Page: 27872

Dr WOOLDRIDGE (Minister for Health and Aged Care) (3:27 PM) —I seek to add to an answer.

Mr SPEAKER —The minister may proceed.

Dr WOOLDRIDGE —The member for Jagajaga asked about the awarding of a contract—

Mr SPEAKER —The member for Prospect is warned!

Dr WOOLDRIDGE —for the gaps campaign. I am informed that the decision to go to a single tender was made by MCGC on the advice of the Government Communications Unit within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Mr Beazley —Really? Oh, gee!

Mr SPEAKER —I remind the Leader of the Opposition of my earlier comments. The minister has the call.

Dr WOOLDRIDGE —This was on the basis that Whybin's had run the Lifetime Health Cover campaign, they had done it very successfully and it was intended to continue the branding, the umbrella, from one campaign to another. I am also advised that the process was entirely proper and entirely in accordance with guidelines. Secondly, the point is that somehow $15 million is over the limit. Of course, Whybin's only gets a fraction of this. The $15 million is the television advertising.

Mr SPEAKER —The minister has the call.

Dr WOOLDRIDGE —Honestly! Inane babble coming across the table. Really!

Mr SPEAKER —The minister is not assisting the chair.

Dr WOOLDRIDGE —Thirdly, I was asked whether I took part in this meeting. It happened in MCGC out of session. I did not attend or take part in that meeting.