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Monday, 18 June 2001
Page: 27673

To the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia in Parliament assembled.

The petition of certain citizens of Australia draws attention of the House that:

We the undersigned residents of Buderim urge you to redirect all aircraft using the Maroochy Airport to be redirected to the established off shore flight path for the following reasons:

1. Buderim residents have paid a premium price to live in a quiet and peaceful town. We all came here to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle.

2. Previous to January 2001 there were no commercial flights over Buderim. All such aircraft were required to fly the off shore route which minimised flights over established residential areas.

3. Now over 70 flights a week transverse directly over Buderim, a dense residential area over 500 feet above the coastal plain.

4. Our lifestyle is seriously disturbed, our properties are devalued and we are very apprehensive about the safety of living under a flight path.

5. No valid air safety reason for the change to the off shore routes has been given.

6. It seems the change is to suit commercial interests. This is totally unacceptable to the Buderim residents.

Your petitioners therefore request that the House of Representatives do everything in their power to ensure that aircraft using the Maroochy Airport are redirected to the established off shore flight path and humbly pray that you will give this matter earnest consideration and your petitioners as in duty bound, will every pray.

by Mr Slipper (from 3,287 citizens).