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Monday, 4 June 2001
Page: 27148

Mr McMULLAN (Manager of Opposition Business) (3:42 PM) —Mr Speaker, question time is very important in terms of accountability of ministers. We need, in dealing with motions for dissent from your ruling, to look at what is the purpose of question time, what it is that we are pursuing, why this particular question was important—

Motion (by Mr Reith) proposed:

That the question be now put.

Mr SPEAKER —The question is that the question be put. All of those of that opinion say aye, the contrary no. I think the ayes have it. Is a division required? A division is required. Ring the bells for four minutes.

The bells being rung—

Mr SPEAKER —The Minister for Forestry and Conservation! The Manager of Opposition Business!

Mr SPEAKER —Minister!

Mr SPEAKER —Manager of Opposition Business!

Mr McMullan —You abuse your privilege to beat people up.

Mr SPEAKER —I will take the necessary action under the standing orders for both the minister and the Manager of Opposition Business if they provoke me any further.

The bells having been rung—

Mr SPEAKER —Lock the doors. The question is that the Manager of Opposition Business be no longer heard.