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Wednesday, 31 May 2000
Page: 16692

Mr DANBY (3:32 PM) —Mr Speaker, under section 150 of the standing orders, I ask that you draw the attention of the Minister for Defence to an answer that is overdue to my question No. 1127. On indulgence, Mr Speaker, I ask—

Mr SPEAKER —I should indicate to the House that I am quite happy to extend indulgence to the member for Melbourne Ports. I understand that there are some complications with one of the questions that he has asked that he seeks to clarify, so indulgence is extended.

Mr DANBY —Thank you very much, Mr Speaker. My question No. 1127 is based on an answer to an earlier question No. 957 to the Minister for Defence. In December, the Minister for Defence answered question No. 957 where, inter alia, he said that he had met General Shelton, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. I immediately asked question No. 1127. In March this year, the minister changed his answer to question No. 957. He said that he had not met General Shelton; he had in fact met Lieutenant General Anderson. I ask that you apply standing order 150 equally to the minister's amended answer and to the section of the answer to which he still admits.

Mr SPEAKER —I will investigate the issue that the member for Melbourne Ports has raised and write, as appropriate, to the Minister for Defence.