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Tuesday, 4 April 2000
Page: 15143

Ms KERNOT (4:40 PM) —I want to make the point that mandatory sentencing is a symptom: it is a symptom of the divided soul of this nation; it is a symptom of this unreconciled nation. Mandatory sentencing is white fellas' inadequate response to the consequences of the same policies as have produced the stolen generation and black deaths in custody. I want to take up one of the points that the member for Hughes raised this afternoon, because it is one that I do not think has been adequately addressed. That is, when you consider the children who are incarcerated under mandatory sentencing, I think you will find that these are the children of the children of the lost generation. There is a direct parenting consequence as a result of policy failure over generations. If you care to read the report of the stolen generation, you will find these things being said. You will find Aboriginal parents saying, `I was afraid to love my child because he or she might have been taken away from me'; you will find Aboriginal parents saying, `I don't know how to be a proper parent because I didn't have one myself.' So when the member for Page in his sanctimonious piety tells us, `Why have we lost control of our children?'—

Motion (by Mr Ronaldson) agreed to:

That the question be now put.

Original question put:

That the motion (Mr Andren's) be agreed to.