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Thursday, 16 March 2000
Page: 14929

Mrs GALLUS (5:05 PM) —I was not about to speak again on the Adelaide Airport Curfew Bill 1998, but I feel I do need to address some of the remarks of the member for Batman. For one thing, he gets his facts wrong. Although I do not mind the politicising, it is really disturbing when the opposition cannot get its facts right. Firstly, the member for Batman said that I had promised this bill prior to the 1993 election. Let me tell the member for Batman that, prior to 1993, I was actually the member for Hawker and was not all that aware of the problems in Hindmarsh. It was not until I became a member after 1993 and found out about Labor's 92 years of neglect of this electorate that I realised something had to be done. For the information of the member for Batman, it was just prior to the 1996 election that I first mooted that we would need to get the curfew put into the legislation. I am glad that I did finally achieve that. I point out that this is far more than the ALP achieved for the seat in the 92 years that they held it.

On the matter of insulation, I assure the member for Batman that I fully support the residents in their fight for insulation. I have indeed talked to the minister and his advisers on the subject of insulation, and I am confident that, if I continue to work at the rate I have been, I shall probably achieve insulation for the residents, as I have achieved a curfew bill in legislation.