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Thursday, 17 February 2000
Page: 13854

Mr McClelland asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 11 November 1998:

(1) What percentage of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) budget is directed to (a) compliance activity, (b) audit activity and (c) research into and implementation of tax reform projects.

(2) Has the Government directed the ATO to concentrate more staff and funds in the area of tax reform; if so, has extra funding been provided to the ATO for the purpose.

(3) Will the Government provide more funding to the ATO for compliance and audit activities.

Mr Costello (Treasurer) —The Treasurer has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(1) (a) Taking a broad definition of compliance activity, around 80.5% of the ATO's budget is directed to compliance activity, including GST when it is fully staffed. (b) The proportion directed towards field activity is around 30% including GST, when it is fully staffed. (c) Details of costs associated with implementing the Government's tax reform initiatives are included in the 1999/2000 Treasury Portfolio Budget Statements on page 73.

(2) As per the answer to 1(c).

(3) Information about the resourcing of the ATO is contained in the Portfolio Budget Statements.