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Wednesday, 14 October 1992
Page: 2185

Mr RONALDSON (7.58 p.m.) —I want very briefly to mention a matter that has been brought to my attention which caused me a great deal of concern. I do not need to tell the House about the desperate plight of small business in this country. The matter which concerns me is that the Minister for Small Business, Construction and Customs (Mr Beddall) released two virtually identical press releases on 28 August and 7 October. They are so similar that they even bear the same heading.

  Small business in this country has been absolutely decimated under this Government. I would have thought that the Minister owed much more to small business in this country than to release two press releases with the same title and virtually the same contents. It is rapidly becoming obvious that this Minister is the lead in the saddlebags of a government weighed down by ministerial mediocrity. I specifically exclude from that the Minister for Family Support and Minister for Local Government (Mr Simmons), who is at the table, especially after he has given me another couple of million dollars under the local capital works program.

  It is a very serious matter that the Minister for Small Business, Construction and Customs has reached the stage where he is releasing identical press releases. Small business in this country demands that he act better than that and that he carry out his ministerial duties. I urge him to get on with the job of being the Minister for Small Business and start addressing the matters that have decimated the small business sector of this country over the last five years.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.

House adjourned at 8 p.m.